Friday, July 27, 2012

She Made: A 50's inspired dress

This is by no means a tutorial. I just wanted to share what I made. I am on a series of refashioning my husband's shirts. He recently cleaned his side of the closet and gotten rid some of his shirts. I do not have the heart to throw things away. The TV show, Hoarders, is probably looking at me right now. I grew up in an environment where we do not throw things away but rather hand it down to generations until we no longer knew who the original owner was. But I digress, so in an effort to save a shirt from the trash bin, I refashioned it to a 50's inspired dress.

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  1. Cette robe est splendide. Bravo pour la transformation. C'est vraiment canon!

  2. This is so lovely! Too bad you couldn't post a tutorial. I don't know much about sewing but I'd love to try something like this.