Wednesday, August 29, 2012

She (re)Made: A Safari top

Last year, I made a safari-inspired top. I saw it at Anthropologie and thought: Hmmm, I'm sure I could make one myself. Although the result was laudable, ( just for the fact that I finished it.) it is far from perfect. I did not follow any patterns. Nor did I even use a ruler I think... In the end the top was ill fitting and bad. I kept it as a reminder of my foolishness and promised that I will make one again, this time better.

last year's catastrophe
Couple of weeks ago, my husband took me to a friperie. Partly my request but I guess it's mostly his hope that I will stop stealing and ripping his clothes. :) There I saw a khaki, army-green colored shirt that screams 'take me and make another safari top!' And so I took it and crossed my fingers and tried to make another top. 

This time, the fit is better. I know now how to use a ruler. Haha! I am happy. 

PS: To my sister who wants a tutorial, maybe one day...

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