Monday, November 5, 2012

She Made: A Purple Backless Dress

My husband went shopping.

To some, events like that does not merit any mentioning. But my case is different. See, my husband has this weird way of acquiring his clothes. While I would have tiny purchases every month (read: less than 50€) he, on the other hand, can last a year without buying anything. Then a certain day will come and he will drop serious money buying clothes. He will buy two of the same things which definitely weirds me out. This massive shopping often leads to a closet purge to give space for his new stuff. And this is my early christmas.

Out of the recent closet purge, I got a Gap chambray shirt, a Blanc et Bleu sweatshirt and a purple men's shirt. The first two I resized and retained the original form. The purple shirt became a dress.

BEFORE: An XL size men's shirt.

AFTER: A short backless dress.

Here is the back view.

As much as I would love for this to be a tutorial post. It won't be possible as I did everything guerilla style (not following any directions). I just hope that this give a bit of an idea what you can do with an old shirt. :) Hint: Do not throw it away. Reuse or donate it.


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  1. C'est vraiment magnifique. Bravo. Comment as tu fait les jours; ce sont des biais?
    La métamorphose est spectaculaire.

    1. Oui, ce sont des biais. Mais, comme je n'ai pas assez de tissu j'ai coupé les manches dans le sens de la longueur pour faire les jours. Merci beaucoup!